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This congregation follows the Torah both the written and the Living Word. That "Living Word" being Yahshua the Messiah. John 1:14

We keep Yahweh's appointments according to Leviticus 23. Including the Sabbath.

We address our, Heavenly Farther, Creator and Redeemer by their true names which are proper nouns instead of the traditional common nouns found in most translations.

Most of (at least) the English translations ignore grammatical rules of linguistic etymology when they translate rather transliterate proper nouns.

We find the concept of replacement theology and dispensationalism repulsive and thus encourage people to study the scriptures instead of mans doctrines. (dogma )

We follow and embrace what the scripture teaches about the restoration of the two houses of Israel. (Yah Hudah and Ephrahim.) Jer. 31:33-37

We Baptize ( immerse ) in a mikvah those who are trusting completely in the redemptive work of Yahshua the Messiah for their salvation.

We witness their immerse into Yahshua HaMaschiach by the authority of Yahweh's Word.


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